The future of Poland’s relations with the USA was the main theme of the last week’s conference in Washington, D.C., organized by the Kulski Foundation in partnership with the Warsaw Enterprise Institute. The conference covered four key areas of Polish-American cooperation: business, military, energy as well as R&D in healthcare.

Poland and the USA in 100 years? Challenges to and prospects for cooperation

According to experts, the cooperation between Poland and the United States over the next 100 years will focus on aspects such as trade, international security and healthcare innovation. The participants in the conference ‘The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it’ – the next 100 years of relations with the US – […]

Professor Kulski promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel

On the eve of the Polish Army Day, Professor Julian Eugeniusz Kulski was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He previously held the rank of Major. Professor Kulski was one of the officers who received the commission document from the Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak at the Ministry’s Warsaw headquarters. The Minister thanked […]

Goliat at the Iluzjon cinema

On 30 July 2019, the iconic Iluzjon Cinema in Warsaw hosted the official premiere of Goliat – the Forgotten Hero, a documentary directed by Tomasz Sańpruch and Witold Tabaka. The film was produced by Małgorzata Bogusz (the Kulski Foundation), Jarosław Nyk (Vision Group) and Tomasz Sańpruch (STEO). The documentary sheds new light on the everyday […]

Goliat – the Forgotten Hero documentary premieres soon

Goliat – the Forgotten Hero, is a documentary film produced as part of the Kulski Foundation’s project The cultivation of patriotic values and historical memory.