Goliat – the Forgotten Hero documentary premieres soon

Goliat – the Forgotten Hero, is a documentary film produced as part of the Kulski Foundation’s project The cultivation of patriotic values and historical memory.


The documentary will present the life story of Professor Julian Eugeniusz Kulski – a hero of the Warsaw Uprising and the son of the mayor of occupied Warsaw. The film presents Professor’s long-term efforts focused on developing the international position of Poland and strengthening Polish-American relations. The background of the main story will give the viewers a chance to take a glimpse of photographs from Professor’s private archive and learn about his architectural work with the World Bank. The audience will also have the opportunity to meet the Professor and his wife Catharine in private, while “visiting” their family home in Washington D.C.

Piotr Wilczek, Polish Ambassador to the USA, Bogusław Winid, former ambassador and advisor to Polish President Andrzej Duda and Jan Ołdakowski, head of the Warsaw Rising Museum appear in the film, giving their personal perspectives on Julian Kulski’s story.

The film is produced by Tomasz Sańpruch and Małgorzata Bogusz. The cinematography was shot in Washington D.C. and Warsaw – the shooting ended in June 2019. The final editing and sound mixing is currently underway.

The film will premiere on 30 July 2019 in Warsaw’s Illusion Cinema. The Foundation’s friends and donors will have the opportunity of taking part in the premiere.

The film was created thanks to the financial support provided by the following organizations:

– Vision Group


The film features archival footage from the collections of the National Film Archive (FINA). We would like to thank the FINA leadership for their support.