NNW Festival Awards for resistance heroes

Niepokorni, niezłomni, wyklęci nagrodzeni

NNW Festival Awards for resistance heroes Julian Kulski received the Independence Signet Award at this year’s NNW Festival in Gdynia.

The festival was an occasion to present awards to heroes of the Polish anti-Nazi and anti-Communist resistance movement and those who contributed to the victory of the Solidarity social movement.

Recipients of this year’s Independence Signet Award included Julian Kulski, code name “Goliat”. Statuettes were also awarded to the Polish graphic artist and writer Juliusz Kulesza, diplomat Col. Ignacy Hugo Matuszewski, National Armed Forces and Home Army soldier Zdzisław Życieński, Polish Eastern Borderlands community activist Bolesława Oleszczuk and Home Army operative in Vilnius Capt. Hanna Suszyńska.

In addition, participants of the event had an opportunity to watch the film entitled “Julian Kulski i Zarząd Miejski okupowanej Warszawy” directed by Hanna Zofia Etemadi.

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The NNW Festival is four days of documentary and fiction film screenings, radio reportage, interesting panel discussions and conversations about history books, accompanied by exhibitions, installation art and music shows.

The NNW Festival is an opportunity to see, listen to and experience history by meeting and talking to those who never accepted the German and Soviet occupation. Every year, the NNW Festival is visited by several generations of Poles and international visitors. In addition to the Polish diaspora, the event is attended by witnesses to history and authors from Central and Eastern Europe as well as publishers of Polish history books in foreign languages, who bring a broader context and a fresh outlook to the discussion.

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