In 2017, Editions Spotkania published the book entitled “Julian Kulski. Prezydent okupowanej walczącej Warszawy” and written by Magdalena Stopa, a well-known Warsaw historian and writer.

The book describes the largely unknown history of Julian Kulski, deputy to Mayor of Warsaw Stefan Starzyński and commissioned mayor of Warsaw during the occupation. After Starzyński was arrested by the Gestapo on 27 October 1939, the Nazi occupation authorities made Julian Kulski “an offer he could not refuse”, i.e. to become commissioned mayor of Warsaw, head the Municipal Government and the entire municipal administration and infrastructure under direct German supervision. The role was difficult, extremely dangerous and thankless. Although the Municipal Government continued to operate in close cooperation with the Polish Underground State, it worked under the eye of the enemy on a daily basis, fully aware of the constant mortal danger.

In her book, Magdalena Stopa reveals unknown facts and proofs of heroism of many forgotten figures as well as the little-known reality of the Warsaw City Hall working to cope with demands of the occupier and serve the Polish resistance at the same time.