• Monument to the Presidents
    of Greater Warsaw unveiled!

  • Piano Concert by
    Ignacy Jan Paderewski

  • Documentary film
    “Goliath – the forgotten hero”

About the foundation
The Kulski Foundation for Polish-American Relations was established on 10 June, 2015. The founder of the foundation was Prof. Julian Eugeniusz Kulski (1929 – 2021)
Socio-institutional dialogue

From the beginning of our activity, we have been documenting and promoting the memory of the achievements, life and activities of Julian Spitosław Kulski and his son Julian Eugeniusz Kulski. The Foundation’s initiatives create a multidimensional platform for social and institutional dialogue in areas, such as historical policy, cultural heritage or defense and foreign policy.

Warsaw’s cultural heritage

We pay particular attention to Warsaw and its cultural heritage. We strive to systematically strengthen the sense of Warsaw identity and the emotional ties of the inhabitants of the capital with the history of this place. We believe that it is worth protecting the multicultural heritage of the capital and its surroundings, including artistic, landscape, architectural and archaeological cultural assets.


Foundation partners

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