Acknowledgement of Ukraine aid from Ukrainian parliament – conference in Washington DC

An official ceremony has taken place today at the Jefferson Hotel in Washington D.C. to present diplomas handed over by the representative of the Ukrainian Parliament to the Kulski Foundation. Similar diplomas and letters of gratitude from the Minister of Education and Science, Przemysław Czarnek, given by his plenipotentiary, Bartosz Rybak, were also granted to the representatives of Polish Center of Wisconsin and MSD Poland, who were involved in our aid activities for Ukraine as well. On behalf of the Kulski Foundation, the diploma was received by President Małgorzata Bogusz, whereas MSD Poland Managing Director Dimitri Gitas and the representative of the PolishHeritageAlliance Jeff Kuderski accepted their diplomas.

The event commenced with a speech by Nataliya Melnyk, who shared her first-hand account of the situation in Ukraine with the guests, as well as expressed her genuine thanks to all the donors that were attending the event. She also presented a moving, sometimes heart-breaking yet hopeful film that demonstrates life in Ukraine after 24th February 2022, i.e. after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. During the gathering, our Ukrainian friend donated several special items related to the war in Ukraine for auction, including a “captured” Russian soldier’s helmet with hand-painted Ukrainian patriotic designs, a limited collection of Ukrainian postage stamps, as well as a 5-hryvnia silver coin.

Since the very beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Kulski Foundation has been supporting our neighbors and donating the most required supplies, such as tactical first aid kits, as well as specialized bandages and dressings. Therefore, we believe that the funds raised from the auction of these unique items will reach our Ukrainian neighbors as soon as possible and thus help them in gaining victory against the occupying forces.

The event took place within the framework of an international conference on aid activities for Ukraine carried out with the financial support of the National Freedom Institute – Center for Civil Society Development from the funds of the NOWEFIO Civic Initiatives Fund program for 2021-2030.

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