Changes in the Kulski Foundation Management Board

Since the beginning of 2019 Małgorzata Bogusz has taken the position of the President of the Kulski Foundation, replacing Barbara Ratajska in this position.

Małgorzata Bogusz has been associated with the Kulski Foundation since 2016. So far, she has supervised the most important projects of the Foundation and has advised the Foundation Council in the area of ​​activities implemented internationally.

I perceive the appointment of the President of the Management Board as an expression of great trust on behalf of the Founders’ Council. The possibility of close cooperation with Prof. Julian Eugeniusz Kulski, especially in 2019, which is full of so many historic anniversaries that are so close to the heart of the entire Kulski family, is an extraordinary challenge for me. However, I must admit that it is also a great honor” – comments Małgorzata Bogusz.

The efforts and activities of the Kulski Foundation team in 2019 will focus on commemorating such anniversaries as the 75th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising, the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, the 100th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations by Poland after regaining independence in 1918 and many more.

One of the key areas of the Foundation’s activity in 2019 will be transcending the projects that have been so far implemented in Poland to the international arena.

Building new platforms for a dialogue and active cooperation with the representatives of opinion-making circles and public administration to create a positive image of Poland in the international arena is one of our priorities this year. The activities carried out by us outside Poland will primarily focus on strengthening the relations of our country with key allies, including the United States of America” – comments Małgorzata Bogusz

From February all current information regarding the activities of the Kulski Foundation will be also available on its new communication channels – the Foundation’s YouTube and Instagram pages.

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