Goliath at Iluzjon Cinema

On 30 July, 2019 at the iconic Cinema “Iluzjon” in Warsaw, the official premiere of the documentary “Goliath – the forgotten hero” directed by Tomasz Sańpruch and Witold Tabaka took place. Małgorzata Bogusz from the Kulski Foundation, Jarosław Nyk from Vision Group and Witold Sańpruch from STEO were responsible for the film production.

The film sheds new light on the everyday life of the inhabitants of occupied Warsaw, emphasizing the contribution and sacrifice of the heroes of the uprising’s fight for honor and homeland. The image of Warsaw under Nazi occupation was presented through the prism of the memories of one of the youngest participants in the Warsaw Uprising – the then teenage Julian Eugeniusz Kulski, with a nickname “Goliath”. His coverage of the backstage of World War II was enriched with reflections on the insurgent role of his father – Julian Spitosław Kulski – Stefan Starzyński’s successor as the President of Warsaw and an active collaborator of the Underground State in the fight for independence.

On the occasion of the premiere, a letter to the guests was sent, among others, by Prime Minister – Mateusz Morawiecki and the Speaker of the Sejm – Marek Kuchciński. This event was extremely popular, gathering over 250 distinguished guests in the cinema hall – ambassadors, representatives of public administration, representatives of the world of culture and business. During the premiere, Professor Julian E. Kulski and Małgorzata Bogusz – President of the Kulski Foundation also delivered a few words to the assembled guests.

Professor Julian E. Kulski’s story was supplemented by numerous statements of historians and representatives of public administration, as well as previously unpublished audio and film materials from the archives of the National Film Archive. These elements build the image of the country’s multicultural capital, determined to fight unequally with the devastating occupiers.

The production of “Goliath – the Forgotten Hero” emphasizes the importance of military moral patterns, which are less and less seen among the representatives of contemporary societies. Due to the extremely valuable ethical message and educational value, the production has gained the recognition of many institutions.

Financial support for this initiative was granted, inter alia, by: Totalizator Sportowy, the PGNiG Foundation and the Orlen – Dar Serca Foundation. We would also like to thank the Warsaw Uprising Museum and the National Film Archive – the Audiovisual Institute for their cooperation and kindness in the production of the film.

We are delighted that we had the opportunity to spend this special evening, which coincides with/falls on the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising, among the friends of our Foundation. The culinary setting of the event was provided by the “Brasserie Warszawska” restaurant.

Media patrons of the event: Rzeczpospolita, TVP Historia, TVP Polonia, TV Republika and Radio Dla Ciebie.

The photo gallery from the premiere is available on the Foundation’s Facebook profile.