Russia’s military assault on Ukraine has been going on for over a month. The Kulski Foundation has been actively involved in organizing aid for our Ukrainian neighbors from the very beginning. Free transportation for refugees from the border crossings to Warsaw, provision of aid warehouses, humanitarian convoys to Lviv – all these activities would not have been possible without the life-changing support of our donors, therefore we would like to wholeheartedly thank everyone involved.

The Kulski Foundation has been organizing free transportation for refugees from the border crossings to Warsaw since the first days of the war. Several dozen people were safely transported by our buses to the capital, where they received further assistance. We provided them with basic material support in the form of clothing, food, hygiene products, medicines and necessary medical supplies. We are still in touch with some of them, assisting and helping them to start a new life in Poland.

Humanitarian convoys to Ukraine have been one of the biggest challenges for us. Buses filled to the brim with aid, such as medicines, tactical first aid kits, specialist dressings and food have already reached Lviv four times. On the way back, our vehicles have already evacuated over 20 women and children from there. The supplies we delivered, including special dressings for gunshot wounds and pneumothorax (bolins), tactical first-aid kits, painkillers, bandages, and eye drops for post-traumatic eye regeneration, were also distributed to the medical facilities in Kharkov, Ivano-Frankivsk and Kiev.

Furthermore, we have also sent necessary products to the aid warehouses in the border towns. So far twice we have sent essential food, blankets and sleeping bags to the border crossing in Budomierz for people crossing the border after a long and exhausting trip.

We definitely do not stop here. Our help for Ukraine continues every single day. However, the preparation of such a humanitarian action would not be possible without the involvement of a huge group of our Donors. We have received incredible support from each of them, both in the form of financial assistance, as well as donated goods and/or provision of transport. Thanks to the people, who support our projects, we are able to accomplish our mission and help Ukraine. We are extremely grateful for each contribution, every single donation and any cooperation that enable us to provide humanitarian aid to our eastern neighbors.

Special thanks go to our institutional Partners and people involved in the project to help Ukraine:

We would like to once again convey our gratitude for the ongoing support of our work aimed at helping the citizens of Ukraine!