Paderewski will return to Bristol

Very soon thanks to the efforts of the Kulski Foundation, we will be able to learn more about the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ignacy Jan Paderewski, as well as feel the atmosphere of the past, getting to one of his performances. It will definitely take place in Bristol hotel.

Ignacy Jan Paderewski, known as the “king of pianists” or “the keys wizard”, is one of the outstanding Poles, who we owe Poland’s regaining independence. He is admired not only for his musical achievements, but also for his exceptional charisma and social activities for the sake of our homeland.

On 20 September, 2018 at 18:30 a special event will take place at Hotel Bristol – Ignacy Jan Paderewski’s Piano Concert, which will be complemented by a fashion show of the 1920s and 1930s of XX century. The artist who performed the works of this outstanding Pole was Krzysztof Książek, the semi-finalist and winner of awards at the 17th International Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw. The responsible person for the realization of the fashion show was Ela Piorun, who was, among others, in charge of the outfit of Agata Duda, the First Lady of the Republic of Poland. The invited guests will also receive a special exhibition “Paderewski in the Service for Independence”, consisting of eight charts with photos and life fragments descriptions of the outstanding composer.

The Composer of Polish independence

For the world, he, above all, was a famous artist, composer, pianist. For Poles, an outstanding politician and statesman. Ignacy Jan Paderewski achieved success with hard work and talent, and when he was at the very top, everything he gained, he used for the sake of Polish independence.

 “There are many fathers of Polish freedom, but as a Foundation we decided to celebrate it with the figure of Paderewski. The choice was not difficult. It is his signature, next to the autograph of Roman Dmowski, that appears on the Treaty of Versailles – says Barbara Ratajska, President of the Board of the Kulski Foundation.

Like a jam jar

Paderewski is an extraordinary figure. In the first years of his world career, he accepted almost every concert offer, and sometimes played for free. Several years later, he was already a hero on the other side of the Atlantic. He was called “king of pianists”, “titan”, “master” or “beloved phenomenon”. He was also breaking new records. He filled the hall in Chicago for 4 thousand. 16,000 people attended Madison Square Garden in New York. The audience at his concerts behaved like at the Beatles in the 1960s, and sometimes 90% of the audience consisted of women, who were crazy about him. “A long-haired pianist affects New York women in the same way as a jam jar the orphan from the orphanage,” wrote one American journalist. Interestingly enough, the ladies embroidered fragments of his works on their stockings and waited for him with scissors in the hotel room. This way they wanted to steal at least a lock of his hair. In the shop you could buy wine or perfumes from the “Paderewski” brand, and even “Padroosky” hair ointment.


Enjoying such support and popularity, he was always acting in the interests of the Fatherland. His relationship with the US President Woodrow Wilson turned out to be the most valuable one. It was thanks to Paderewski that Polish affairs were reflected in his 13th point of his message: “I take it for granted that statesmen everywhere agree that there should be a united, independent and autonomous Poland”. Due to his international recognition and great respect, he was elected Prime Minister of the Second Polish Republic. His was in office for quite a short period (313 days). In 1921 he decided to return to music. He settled in Switzerland in Morges. He toured the world again and traveled around the world. He also returned to the philanthropy, sharing his fortune with the those in need. However, he never forgot his homeland.

Honorary Patronage

Minister of Culture and National Heritage Prof. Piotr Gliński

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