Poland and The USA in 100 years? Challenges and prospects for cooperation.

According to experts, the axis of cooperation between Poland and the United States
for the next 100 years will be issues, such as trade, international security and
innovation in health care. The prospects for the cooperation development in these
areas will also be discussed by the participants of the conference “The Best Way to
Predict the Future is to Create it” – the next 100 years, which will take place on 26-27
September 2019 in Washington (USA).

Currently Poland and the United States have very good relations, perhaps the best ever so far. This is evidenced by the mutual stimulation of economic growth and the systematic tightening of cooperation in the ​security area. The 100th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries is an excellent time to jointly develop a vision of the upcoming years for even closer cooperation. It is also a great opportunity to initiate a discussion on the prospects of mutual use of the potential in the area of ​​innovation, health and energy.

The September conference will provide a platform for a substantive exchange of ideas, best practices and visions to strengthen transatlantic relations. A comprehensive analysis of the above-mentioned issues will be provided by the decision-makers and key stakeholders invited to the discussion, representatives of industry and business organizations, as well as non-governmental organizations from Poland and the United States. The conference will be held in two locations at the heart of America’s big politics – Willard Intercontinental Hotel (September 26) and Ronald Reagan Center (September 27) in Washington, DC. During the first day of the event, a series of strategic workshops will be organized, devoted to US-Poland bilateral relations in such areas, as energy, defense, battlefield medicine and cooperation in space exploration. The leading topics during the second day of debates will be transatlantic economic cooperation, research and development in the healthcare sector, military cooperation, energy and the role of Poland in maintaining and developing relations between the United States and the European Union.

The Kulski Foundation is implementing the project in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland as part of a grant awarded in the “Public Diplomacy 2019” competition. The honorary patrons of the event were: Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, Ministry of Investment and Development, and National Security Office. The conference partners were the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in the United States, ACEBA, PAIH, US Poland Business Council, American Chamber of Commerce in Poland as well as non-governmental organizations, such as Center for European Policy Analysis, My Space Love Story Foundation, Warsaw Enterprise Institute.